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Founded in 2003, Descriptive Video Works has established a reputation as the leading provider of audio description services or video description services in North America. The quality of our work has resonated with clients across the board from Vancouver to Toronto and Los Angeles to New York.

Why Descriptive Video Works

We’re specialists. That’s the difference. Our writers complete a rigorous certification process and are highly skilled to meet the unique requirements of descriptive video. Our narrators are individually chosen with your production specifications in mind, be it English, French or Spanish.

Research & development. Our advisory council led by expert consultants who themselves are blind, is vital to understanding the needs of blind and visually-impaired consumers of visual media.

Always available. Our cutting-edge studios are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to accommodate the tightest of deadlines.

Our turnaround. A seamless production process delivers on budget and on time. Our technical expertise guarantees a top quality product, a commitment we’ve made to our clients for more than 14 years.

Recognized standard of quality in Audio Description


Completed audio description for more than 20,000 television shows and feature films.


First with live televised theatrical productions, special event programming and world-class sporting events.


Audio description for online video messaging for corporate, educational and promotional needs.


Please imagine not being able to see. We don’t know what our peers are wearing or doing, leaving us at a disadvantage socially. It is difficult to make friends when we can’t talk about sports, TV programs, fashion, or when you miss the action or joke because it was something visual. DV fills in these gaps. … Being able to talk knowledgeably with sighted people about these things demonstrates that I am not that different from them, I just can’t see.

Shawn Marsolais, M.Ed.
Executive Director, Blind Beginnings

It’s reassuring for us to know that we can work with you on this live description project.
We’ve been on air for 16 months and this is our first live show.
We know that we’re in your good hands.

Isabella Federigi
Vice-President, Programming & Production, AMI-télé

May I say how thankful we are for all of the great work you did for us for Season 1.
We would love to have you on board for Season 2 as well.
We appreciate the great work you always deliver.

Julie Bannon Nunes
Broadcast Producer

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