Descriptive Video Works congratulates the 69th Annual Emmy Awards winners and nominees.  We are proud to provide the audio description for some of the shows that were nominated.

One of the many nominated shows we have described is all five seasons of House of Cards.  Making this show available to people that are blind and vision impaired is extremely rewarding for our writers and entire DVW team. Many of the nuances would be completely missed if this show wasn’t described as these are often pivotal to the plot. Think of the looks that Claire gives Frances, the description of the White House and other key aspects of this well written drama that would not be known if the viewer is vision impaired. We paint the picture, ensuring we don’t miss the details that make this a compelling show for all viewers.   Robin Wright, an outstanding actor plays Claire, Frances’ wife. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Drama Series and Kevin Spacey and  Michael Kelly were nominated for Outstanding Lead and Supporting Actor respectively in a Drama Series.

Better Call Saul, a crime drama that follows the story of a small-time lawyer, is another show where Descriptive Video Works provides the Audio Description. This series was recognized with 10 Emmy nominations this year, including Outstanding Drama Series, and both Best Leading and Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and for its outstanding writing.  Our writers and narrators describe all of the antics and twists and turns of this successful comedy, allowing all viewers to share a good laugh.

Descriptive Video Works is proud to work with such a fabulous stable of talent.