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The Descriptive Video Works promise to facilitate regulated access extends to educational, informational and promotional messaging. Audio description of corporate information and instructional tools promotes an increased awareness and maximizes the potential of blind and visually-impaired consumers. 

Our team of writers, narrators and producers work around the clock in our cutting-edge studios to accommodate your corporate and multimedia audio description needs. Full audio description and freeze frame edits (pausing the video when necessary to provide an extended description of the visual elements) designed for online is delivered in English, French or Spanish to client specifications.

Our technical expertise guarantees a top quality product, a commitment we’ve made to our clients for more than 14 years.

Content that connects 

Our audio description for corporate and multimedia projects ensures easy access and a guarantee that no person is excluded from education, information and other fundamental messaging.

Our work includes corporate messaging, promotional announcements, cultural experiences through museums and galleries, and webinars and seminars for education or business instruction.

Helping you help others

Descriptive Video Works will provide on-site coaching to your teams to demonstrate how audio description can be incorporated into your company’s visual media projects. Each session is customized to your needs and will include hands-on presentations, practice and feedback.


“I forwarded your NBC Rio Olympics press release to my boss. She sent it on to senior staff so they know we are using Descriptive Video Works as a vendor too, and giving me credit for finding your company and instituting those changes to our videos by adding audio description. So a win-win all around!”

Bonnie Gordon,
US Non-profit organization

Closed Captioning Services

As part of our commitment to make visual media accessible to all, we offer closed captioning as a seamless, all-in-one service with audio description. We partner exclusively with closed captioning suppliers who share our dedication to quality and completing projects on time and on budget.

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