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The Trusted Source for Seamless Described Video and Audio Description Since 2003


Allowing the Viewer to "See Audibly"

Referred to as Described Video and Descriptive Video in Canada, and Audio Description internationally,
It is…..

  • Voice narration describes the visual elements that makes television shows and commercials, feature films and other visual media accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted
  • Describing the key visual elements, including set/location, action, facial expressions, costumes, and other visual elements key to the plot line.  These are described and narrated onto a secondary track
  • This narration is inserted between the natural pauses in the program’s dialogue
  • After a script is completed, the narration is recorded and mixed with the original program’s audio to create a full video description track.

Increase Your Broadcast Audience and Meet FCC Mandates

In 2010 President Obama signed the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, requiring an escalating schedule of required primetime audio description every year.


Descriptive Video Works is the Live Audio Description PIONEER

We are THE ONLY Company in North America providing Live Reality Described Television – description as the event unfolds.


It is…..

A display of the audio portion of the program as text on the screen giving accessibility to persons with hearing disabilities.


Descriptive Video Works is the only company training reporters and anchors to include Audio Description in their newscasts.

We educate anchors and reporters to include verbal cues for visual elements and on-screen text such as stock prices, mapped weather patterns, and other information normally inaccessible to blind and partially sighted viewers.