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We have worked with Descriptive Video Works for the past 8 years on many CTV programs, as well as shows for Comedy Network, Discovery Television, W5, Corner Gas, Hiccups, 11th Hour, and numerous other programs. They know how to deliver on their promises. Recently we gave them a new challenge, to do LIVE description and they Exceeded our expectations - together we did Live description for So You Think You Can Dance (Canada) and the Junos Award Ceremony. We’ve received great feedback on these programs.

Harold Wesley, Senior Director
air Operations Bell Media

I wanted to say how much I appreciated working with Laura and the rest of the team at DV Works on this project.  Laura was especially helpful, making sure we delivered all the right materials so the job could get done efficiently and effectively, responding to questions and concerns and turning around the final episode within a couple of days to meet our deadline.

Ranjan Thakre
Royal Ontarion Museum

DV Works is the industry leader with advanced technology and seamless delivery of high quality accessible media. The ROM have worked with DV Works for the last year to produce Audio Tours for Mesopotamia exhibition and now The Forbidden City exhibition. DV Works provides the best services in multiple languages. We just finished The Forbidden City Audio Tours in English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Johanna Contreras
ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum
Twin Life: Sharing Mind and Body

Just finished watching "Twin Life: Sharing Mind and Body" and was fascinated by both the documentary itself but also how inclusive it was for my son and I to watch thanks to DVW. The narration was truly excellent and allowed me to get just as much out of the program as did my sighted son. Thank you for the terrific job not only on this project but all the other work you do.

Rob Sleath, President of ASIC
The Bachelor Canada

I have had the pleasure of working with Descriptive Video for almost a decade on various series and TV movies. Now I am moving into again another genre, 'Reality' and look forward to working with them again on the Bachelor Canada! They have always delivered within a very tight turnaround for a very reasonable price. As this is one of the very last steps in Post, there is never enough time or money left, but they always manage to deliver an amazing product! I rely on them to help me through the final deadlines of all of the shows I work on. Reliable, dependable, affordable, efficient and easy to use!!


Julie Bannon Nunes, Post Production Supervisor
Sochi 2014 Olympic Ceremonies

I watched the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Sochi and I was very impressed.  There would have been so much that I would have missed, not only the changing of colours of the lights, colours of athlete’s outfits plus performers, etc., but little touches such as the Russian cross-country marathoner, when receiving his gold medal, that he kissed it and put his right hand over his heart when they played their National Anthem.  This description really helped to complete the picture for me of the men standing on the podium and my husband said that he hadn’t even noticed that little bit!   These touches help to bring out the individual characters of the people standing there.

Rosamund Van Leeuwen
National Geographic

I got a lot out of the description for the National Geographic show that you sent to me.  I'd never even considered watching something like this with audio description, so I was very pleasantly surprised.  I thought the audio describers did a great job of conveying the scenes.  There wasn't any stepping on dialogue, the language was appropriate and relevant and the describers voices fit the tone of the show

Descriptive Video Works is doing a great job, and I really appreciate the variety of shows that are being described.  Audio description has come a long way, not only in the types and number of shows being described, but also in the quality of the description..

Linda Weber
Blind and Partially Sighted Audience

“I commend Descriptive Video Works for making our lives more enjoyable. Although entertainment and television may not be considered a necessity of life, it certainly contributes to the quality. When I am speaking with my sighted friends I like to be able to contribute to the conversation when they are talking about what they’ve see on television. It would be absolutely wonderful to have more shows with video descriptive. Everyone is always talking about what they’ve seen on television and as a blind person I would like to have the same ability.”

Linda Weber
TV for the Blind

From the experience I have had, working with Diane’s company so far, I really like their values, their approach and how caring they are at delivering their services to their blind and vision-impaired audience. Diane took the trouble to seek me out and to approach me, as an individual, to work collaboratively with her and her staff, to ensure that the job they are doing is appropriate and meets the highest standards possible. I have been blind since the age of two, have worked and traveled in many different countries, and, for the last 20 odd years have enjoyed helping to raise our family at home. I love fashion, history, news and health information programs so, to have many of my interests in life brought into my home through Descriptive Television is absolutely wonderful. I really look forward to the progress of this great service so that the lives of people who are blind and visually impaired will be enhanced.

Rosamund van Leeuwen
Descriptive Video Works

"My experience with Descriptive Video Works has been good across the board, they are clearly in this business for the right reasons. They are very successful at balancing priorities, both creating a quality experience for audiences with impaired vision and always satisfying any of the technical and scheduling requirements of broadcast television. It is to their credit, and our benefit, that the quality of their customer service while accomplishing this balance is always friendly and excellent." 

Jeff Maus, Supervisor, Enterprise Media Management

"Professional, punctual, painless. Perfection! I worked with Descriptive Video Works on the series Endgame. Brent quickly turned the shows around to meet our very demanding delivery schedule. DV Works ensured that the delivery format was a seamless interface for our video post workflow, which required the 5.1 audio in the dolby stream. I've worked on many other television series with Descriptive Video Works through the years and I know I can count on them."


Kandi Dibley, Post Production Supervisor

“Descriptive Video Works has assisted Aboriginal Peoples Television Network in achieving its goal of programming by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples, to share with all Canadians as well as viewers around the World. We have worked with Descriptive Video Works for the past 3 years dealing in both English and French. The quality, speed and delivery of our programming have been exceptional, and the customer service has well exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use Descriptive Video Works for all our DV needs well into the future.”

Tracy Ptashnik, Production Liaison
Corner Gas

"A friend told me about this really great show Corner Gas and it had descriptions with it! I’m blind so I was thrilled, and hey, the show was really funny! I’ve been hooked ever since. With each new episode I hear your Excellent descriptions! I hope this can continue! This is the first show from TV that I know of that has the descriptions with each episodes. Keep up the great work. I can thank my friend, if he hadn't shown me the show, I would be missing a really funny and great show! Thanks again for your descriptions!"

Matthew Elliff

"Descriptive Video Works has been an important partner in the completion of our series. They have always responded to the changes in our schedule and turned the episodes around quickly to Help us deliver on time."

David Dewar/Producer
Shattered, The Collector
Julie Bannon

"It’s such a pleasure dealing with Descriptive Video Works. Not only is the Quality of the product great but your concern for the project shines through in your work. I will always appreciate how much you tried to appease our schedule and were flexible when last minute changes occurred. Thank you for always taking the attitude of trying to make my life easier!  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your hard work and quick turnarounds for us. I always appreciate these favours and will never forget how you saved us from missing deliveries! Truly, grateful!

Julie Bannon
Brightlight Pictures
Brian Perdue

"When we received 179 I Love Lucy shows to describe I knew I could trust Descriptive Video Works to do a great job. Their work has always been of the Highest quality. Descriptive Video Works shows its' commitment to improving accessibility to on-screen programming day in and day out. They have described thousands of hours of programming for us, including more than 100 feature films. Their described-video services play a key part in helping Accessible Media Inc (AMI) fulfill its mandate of making “Television That Includes Everyone."

Brian Perdue Director of Programming, Accessible Media Inc.
I Love Lucy

Descriptive Video Works has done a Wonderful job making the comedy genius of Lucille Ball accessible to the visually impaired. Both Lucy and my father came from a radio comedy background, so much of I Love Lucy's humor is in the soundtrack. But a crucial element of the show's phenomenal worldwide success is Lucy's physical comedy, and by filling in that missing piece, described video allows the visually impaired to experience I Love Lucy in a way never before possible.

Gregg Oppenheimer
Son of I Love Lucy creator Jess Oppenheime
Autism and Descriptive Video

My son has mild developmental delays and some autistic qualities.He's also had no oral speech until he was almost 8 yrs old. The descriptive video option was something he insisted on having. He would not...or perhaps I should say, could not attend to the entire movie without it. This option allowed him to build his language comprehension. To follow the story, to understand the story. It ultimately helped his development of knowledge he needed in the journey to oral speech.

He's now 14 , speaks, can retell the stories and still LOVES the support descriptive video gives him.

Thank you for your services.

London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies

Wow, a truly wonderful job done of the London 2012 Olympic Closing ceremonies. Thank you soooooo much for all the effort everyone went to in putting this together. The pitch and tone of the voice, for me, was perfect and didn’t waver from beginning to end. I had the colours, the costumes, the lighting and so many little details described that I really felt I was watching it!! She even could identify all the personalities from dignitaries to rock stars plus the various London landmarks and nobody even trod on anyone else’s talking.. A truly awesome job.

2012 Olympic Closing Ceremonies
Stars on Ice

I have counted on Descriptive Video for the DV element in the show I produce for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "Stars on Ice" features champions of figure skating performing original, unique and exciting programs and Descriptive Video has done a great job describing the visual elements of the show making it accessible to all audiences. I have used them for three years and they always deliver their elements to me in a timely manner and are a joy to work with. You can't go wrong asking Descriptive Video to take on your DV challenges.

Ann Camilleri, Producer
Stars on Ice Canada